If you’ve ever been a client at Perennial Salon, you’ve probably noticed a different vibe the moment you walk in our door. Unlike many other salons, you’ll notice team members helping each other in order to stay on schedule and deliver a better experience for you. In fact, it’s not uncommon for you to receive services from more than one person before you leave. It’s all part of our plan to make your experience here run more smoothly and brighten your day.

How we do this is very simple, here at Perennial Salon we don’t pay our people based on commission from services or product sales. We don’t want our clients to feel pressured into buying something they don’t need or having a service we don’t truly believe will help achieve their goals. So we designed our system to be different and more enjoyable. Instead of forcing our employees to be sales driven, we compensate all of our staff with a nice salary. This means no matter what’s going on, whether they are booked or not, they are getting paid, so they are now client driven.

By compensating our staff on what’s known as a “Team Based” system, it allows us to function more efficiently and to allow more flexibility for our clients. If you can’t get in with your favorite stylist or just want to try someone else go for it! We don’t mind. We actually encourage it! The entire focus of our team is to ensure that every guest’s day is made better by having visited us. Since everyone here is paid via a salary, when our staff is recommending a product, it’s because they truly believe it’s the best product for you to help you maintain your hair and to resolve any issues you’re having with it, not because they are trying to make commission on the sale. The same goes for services too!

So next time you feel like changing things up a little, let us know.

Service Guarantee

We make every attempt to ensure that you are satisfied with your experience at our salon. In the event that you are not completely satisfied, please let us know within 48 hours. We will be happy to schedule a corrective service within two weeks of your original appointment date. Due to the nature of some services, this guarantee may vary, and in some cases, charges may apply. The guarantee does not cover a change in the original style or color. Full service price applies if you have waited longer than 48 hours to call or if you have your hair worked on elsewhere before returning to Perennial Salon for the corrective service. There are no monetary refunds for any services provided.


Return Policy

We guarantee all of the retail products carried within our salon. If for whatever reason you are discontent with your purchase, we will exchange it for another product that meets your expectations.


Cancellation Policy

We maintain a 48-hour cancellation policy for all services. This is so we may have ample time to fill the appointment should you need to cancel your service. Appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours prior will result in a charge that is 50% of the cost of the scheduled service(s). This will be due upon the rescheduling of the appointment.


No Show Policy

In the event of a “No show- No call” circumstance, clients will be responsible for 100% of the cost of missed services upon the booking of their next appointment.


Child Safety

We ask you to consider the fact that sharp implements, hot styling tools, chemicals and a busy, congested area combine to make any salon a dangerous environment for young children. Only those receiving services may be present in the service areas. Young children in carriers/strollers may not be placed near the service areas or held in the lap. When bringing young children into the salon, please provide supervision for them in the form of a friend, spouse or older child. Older children, capable of sitting quietly and unsupervised, may wait in the seating area. We want the services you receive at Perennial Salon to be a relaxing, and rejuvenating experience for you.


Payment Methods

We accept the following forms of payment: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Check & Cash


Products We Carry