I’m sorry but has this not felt like the longest, darkest, rainiest winter ever? Going outside has meant wet clothes and disheveled hair, vice versa and usually both. If you’re like us, you’ve been hiding under a pile of comforters with a blow dryer for the last several months (not safe, by the way), but now… it’s finally spring.

It’s finally spring and we can get on with our lives.
Sweet, blessed spring! The weather is warming up and you’re probably ready for a fresh new look to match all this sunshine… this sweet, sweet sunshine. Shake off the comforters, splash some water on your face, and get out there “seize-the-day” style. This means new workout routines, new clothes, walking around…outside. First stop: you’re going to want to get your hair cut and styled so you can tackle the new season with a renewed look.

Easy is best this spring
If you’re the type that likes a low-maintenance haircut that’ll be easy to keep up with throughout the season, you’re in luck. Most of the hottest current hair trends are easy to achieve and keep up. So if you’re still recovering from the long winter and need a great look that’s fast and easy, the team at Perennial Salon in Atlanta know exactly which styles are on top of mind for the most fashionable clients.

Perennial Salon’s expert advice on the 5 freshest looks for spring 2019:

Long layers never go out of style.
Always a classic. No, you don’t have to go short this year. If you want a hairstyle that is super versatile (as in, easy to put up into a pony when exercising or walking the Beltline) and workable with any occasion, then show off your natural softness and match the warm weather with a long, layered look. Layers give your hair the springy movement of the season….and allow for that pliable, moldable cut that goes great with all kinds of styling products.

The shag is back, especially with bangs.
The shag comes back every so often and this spring it’s having another big moment. Shags somehow scream “uninhibited” and also come across as laid-back. The modern shag is work-friendly and casual with that textured, choppiness that says “I’m totally unpretentious” and matches the rainy season by hinting at your stormy side.  

Rock your natural curls.
Lean into the hair you were born with! There is only one you and if you’re blessed with natural curls, go unique and display them proudly. Hair that’s full of twists and turns always comes off as effortless, confident and distinctive. Get the cut and shape from your stylist that best displays your individuality, and use the right products to give it that easy-breezy look.

A-line bobs command the room.
Bobs, like the shag, go through phases and moments and this time, the classic A-line bob is all the rage. Again it’s all about that duality: light and easy while still conveying drama and movement. This one will take a little more styling in the morning to keep it up, but if you’re ready it’s totally worth it.

Curtain bangs bring the party.
The friendliest bang, this season’s forehead trend is the casual, youthful curtain bang. You can totally pull this off. Similar to embracing the curl, you can do the opposite and give your natural, relaxed hair a totally unpretentious and comfortable-yet-confident look. Frame your face and let your smile glow like the warm, spring sun!

These looks are all achievable and ready to transform you from hibernation to the glow-up this spring! Contact Perennial Salon and talk to your stylist about the look that’s best for you.